Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes.

Work at Home

And Earn up to $250 on one order!
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Work at Home


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Yes! You can internet/email/phone/fax your way to $500 a day. That's $10,000 a month!
NOTE: This program is FREE - If you order any Money Making Programs from this website, and the amount is $140 or more.
see our Dealer/Affiliate ordering options below
WE PAY YOU $13 - $250 for every lead we convert into orders. You generate leads, and we do the rest of the work for you. We convert your leads into orders, and YOU receive a monthly paycheck for 50% of the order amount.
All you have to do is generate leads and/or internet traffic by distributing postcards, running classified ads, using our no cost advertising methods, or using the internet. You will earn from $13 to $250 for every order placed via our INTERNET WEBSITE, PHONE, MAIL, and our FAX machine.
We go to great lengths to convert every possible lead into a paying customer. We do the selling, offer premiums, and pay for all conversion costs, such as; printing, postage, weekly emailing, discounts, internet, premiums, and all fulfillment costs. You buy or stock no inventory; you fill no orders; you do not need a website of your own; you have no other expenses.
We also generate additional income for you by promoting other offers to your leads and buyers. It’s proven that over 15% who buy one product will make another purchase within 90 days. So we include our catalog with your tracking number on the order form with each order shipped. This gives you additional orders which simply adds more money to your monthly paycheck. We also send weekly emails with your tracking code to the leads generated with an email address, until email opts out. This has been very affective for our dealers, because it generates multiple orders from many of your leads over time.
Why Do Some Of Our Dealers and Affiliates
Make So Much Money???
Because, there's simply a hugh demand for LEGITIMATE HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNTIIES. Our company was established in 1976, you can be assured we're very legit! We provide phone support to assist our clients in starting their own home based business. And, we offer a variety of types of business opportunities, that are attractive to most opportunity seekers.
- As a Dealer you receive a marketing kit(image above) in the mail with everything you need to get started including a PIN (personal identification number) used to track all the leads and orders you receive.
- You generate leads by distributing postcards, or running various ads online or offline. We will reveal to you many low cost marketing methods that really work. We also provide many online internet marketing methods for those of you wanting to work online. (YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE - we provide one for FREE and it's already setup and ready for you to use!)
- Your leads will either request our CATALOG of business opportunities by mail, or visit the website. If they visit the website they can request a CATALOG by mail, or opt into our weekly email series, or simply surf our site and place an immediate online order. The CATALOG we send to your lead will have your PIN coded on the order form. We also send weekly emails to your leads promoting all of our offers - again at NO COST TO YOU!
- People receiving our CATALOG will order our products through us, via the INTERNET, PHONE, MAIL, and our FAX machine.
- Your PIN # tracks your income, and you receive a monthly paycheck for 50%.
- Your prospects will spend as much as $495 for the Entrepreneur Package, or purchase individual business opportunities, and you get half of the money!

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America is still the land of opportunity for those who truly want it and seek after it!!!

There are two essential ingredients... KNOWLEDGE and DETERMINATION.
If you have the determination, WE will provide the knowledge and FREE consultation, so you can earn up to $100,000 per year, or more, in your own Money Brokering, Real Estate Investment, Credit, or Internet Business, and more.